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Tennis Hero believes in offering every child a chance to play tennis and develop, no matter of their background or their financial possibilities, tennis hero is for everyone.

Tennis Hero is a tennis school specialized in children and was started with the mission to help children develop through the power of tennis. Playing tennis early in life is correlated with greater success in life, since tennis teaches discipline, teamwork and leadership skills.

What do you have in common with Harry Potter, Superman or Iron Man?

The hero’s journey myth exists in all human cultures and keeps getting updated, because we humans reflect on our world through symbolic stories of our own life. You leave your comfort zone, have an experience that transforms you, then you recover and do it again. You don't literally sleigh dragons and fight Voldemort, but you face problems just as scary. Tennis Hero believes that losing doesn’t exist, you either win or learn, and at times you learn more from defeats than you do from winnings.

Tennis Hero represents every child that plays tennis and gives 110% each session, no matter the result, with the purpose of playing better each time.

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Children are our source of inspiration through perseverance, passion and their love for the game. At Tennis Hero, it’s exclusively your choice if you want follow the path towards professional tennis, play for fun or to train for a great physical condition. Regardless of your choice, we will support you and help you achieve your goals and to win long-term.

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