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Tennis had an impact in our lives and we are here to give back


Dan Lazar

I played tennis profesionally for 9 years, during which I managed to win several tournaments and became the vice-champion of Romania in 2011. Even though I wasn't #1 in the world and didn't have straight A's, tennis taught how to fight and have a champion's attitude. Those two values are the foundation of Tennis Hero.

Carla Georgescu

I played tennis profesionally for 8 years, during which I managed to become # 2 in Australia, my home country. One of my career highlights was when I played with Maria Sharapova in an exhibition match on national TV. I love tennis and wish to nurture the love of tennis in kids.


We value attitude, as the most important ingredient for success in tennis and in life.


We all dream for a better tomorrow and it's important to reach for the stars in a manner that allows to keep your head high.

Making a difference

We wish to have an impact on the people we collaborate with and help them reach their targets and develop qualities that money can't buy through tennis.


We value balance, as a important ingredient for long term sustainable development.

Contribute to our mission and let’s change the world together!


First free lesson for all

We generate change by offering everyone the possibility to experience the joys of tennis. So far, 500 children have benefited from free tennis lessons.

Weekly free lessons

We offer children without financial possibilities, the chance to play tennis regularly with a coach for free. Sign-up by sending an email to social@tennishero.ro

Daily free lessons

We offer selected performance players the chance to play daily for free.
Every year we organise a selection of the best 20 performance players and offer for one year free training to the best 2. Sign-up at performance@tennishero.ro

Tennis Lessons

Individually or in groups, children will learn to play while they have fun and trust in their powers.

Sports Hero Domes

During the winter, they practice their favorite sport in optimal conditions and enjoy the benefits of our innovative solutions.

Court Booking

Book online tennis courts and enjoy tennis in the heart of Bucharest.

Depending on the coaching experiences, we have great coaches and the best!

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Raluca Bocra


Dan Lazar


Carla Georgescu